This site is to:

1)Promote and sell my book “True Story, I Swear It – Maybe”. 

2) Share stories. Hopefully we, you and I, can share some stories that may make our lives a little more interesting and a lot more fun. Let’s try to keep the stories family friendly.

My book is 40 chapters with a total of about 86 stories.

Some of the most popular chapters are:

1) Bible Donkey— This about why a donkey is referred to as an ass in the bible.

2) Bum Phillips— This is about my days in Nederland, Texas High School when Bum Phillips was the head coach there. I had sessions with him nearly every day but it had nothing to do with football, I only weighed 110 pounds then; nearly double that today.

3) Chicken and the Egg— Of course I know which came first.

4) Electricity for Dummies— I may yet get a divorce over one of these stories.

5) First day in Heaven— A must read.

6) Funeral Home Doors— You need to know this.

7) How to Hypnotize a Chicken— You don’t need to know this but it can be fun.

8) Odeo’s Ark— Can you imagine trying to drown Cajuns with flood water; they all have boats.

9) Sewer Safari— A really scary snake and alligator story.

10) Toad Suck Fairy Park— Really such a place exists – well kinda, maybe.

11) Two Funerals— You really need to know this. Worth the price of the book.

12) Work Fun— Everybody does this don’t they?


And 28 more chapters.