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Building a secure border between the USA and Mexico. ——— Copyright 2014 by Harvey Cappel 

The wall will have to be at least 3 foot underground and 16 feet above ground; probably about 2 foot thick. So a one foot length will have (20×2)/27 = 1.48 cubic yards of concrete. Concrete cost about $200 per cubic yard installed so one foot of wall will cost about 1.48×200 = 296 dollars. The length of the USA to Mexico border is approximately 1,933 miles. So the cost of the secure wall will be 296x1933x5280 = $3,021,000,000. That’s 3 billion dollars and that assumes we use the illegal aliens to build it; probably 3 times that much if we Americans build it. Let’s say about 9 billion dollars. Of course we will have to add 1,933 miles of electronic surveillance equipment and probably some electrification. And then we will have to man the border 24/7; probably one man per ten miles. Let’s see about this. It takes 4 people to provide one around the clock person so we need 4 per every ten miles or (1933/10)x4 = 773 new full time government employees and about 200 pick-up trucks and 773 flashlights and 773 guns with bullets and about 25 supervisors. And we still got to pay the light bill for 1,933 miles of electric stuff. Of course while we are building the wall they will be building tunnels. Ok so let’s build the wall with an additional 20 feet below ground. Now we are talking 2 times the cost per cubic yard and twice as much concrete; were getting along to about 36 billion dollars. That should do it. Actually there is another problem. They could easily set up a boat business providing fishing expeditions with visits to Texas beaches. As they pass the end of the wall near Brownsville they will probably slow down so everyone can take pictures of the end of the stupid wall. No problem we could build another wall along the Texas beach shore and then another on the Texas Louisiana border (they could come around) then Oklahoma (they could come around) and then a top cover over the entire state and ———.

I’m beginning to think that maybe this is not a practical solution. What do you think?

Do you know that is illegal to hire an illegal alien? If we don’t hire them I’m betting they wont come. So how about we just enforce the law we already have and forget the wall.

Just saying.


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