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Have you read Mark Twain’s book “Letters from the Earth”? He actually stole a lot of my material as you will see later. For now you might want to check out the book.

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No Mirrors in Heaven ———- Copyright 2014 by Harvey Cappel

I might as well get started here and now. I don’t believe there is a hell and I do think that if there is a heaven we will all go. Think about it, would you condemn one of your children to hell? Of course you wouldn’t so why would anyone believe that the father or creator of all of us would do such a terrible thing. I think man just got this whole hell idea all screwed up. If your preacher likes hell then let him go.

So how will heaven work if everyone goes. For example how could I be happy if I saw Hitler there? Good question and here is my answer. There will be no mirrors in heaven and you will not be able to see anything that you don’t want to see. So if you don’t like Hitler you will never see him and you wont even know he exists.

What’s this mirror idea? Think about this. In your life you and your wife lost a boy child at age 2 years. Your wife died at age 40 and you died at age 97. What will each of you see in heaven? What will be your ages. What you will see is what you want to see. If you want your wife to be 40 years old then that’s the way you will see her. If you want to be 40 years old then that’s what you will be. If you want your child to be 2 years old then that’s what he will be. If the child wants to be 21,  old enough to buy beer (yes there will be beer in heaven) then he will be 21. So how can the boy child be 21 and 2 at the same time. There are no mirrors in heaven so the boy and a parent cannot both see what the other sees. Each sees only what they want to see and that applies to everybody. Aint that cool how that works. And yes in heaven you can change you mind. If you don’t like you wife at 40 years old make her 19, she’s certainly not going to be seeing you at 97.





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